National Conference on Intermodal Transportation 2012

National Conference on Intermodal Transportation: Problems, Practices, and Policies

Hampton University hosted the National Conference on Intermodal Transportation (NCIT) on October 11 – 12, 2012. The Conference focused on problems, practices, and policies of intermodal transportation. The historic University campus is located at the center of Hampton Roads -- a strategic locus of national and international commerce interconnected to the major modes of air, rail, road, and water transportation. The Hampton Roads economy and commercially strategic ports have defined the area as a national asset in international trade since colonial times. The NCIT will offer participants representing different transportation modes the opportunity to engage in a range of presentations by researchers and practicing professionals on the challenges of urban growth, shrinking transportation budgets and opportunities from globally competitive trade. The Conference brought together transportation service providers, state and city government policy makers, advocacy groups, and academicians to discuss the problems of intermodal transportation and the practices and policies that could be implemented within the prevailing fiscal constraints.

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