Lecture Series


  • Mr. Ryan Keesecker, Newport News Air Traffic Control Supervisor, discussed air traffic control issues in the transportation sector.  Mr. Keesecker is a graduate of Aviation program of Hampton University.
  • Steve Hendrickson, First Officer, Federal Express MD-11 Pilot, presented international air transportation topics.
  • Mr. John Beaulieu, Manager and Owner of Horizon Aviation and Aircraft Sales addressed the effect of current economic crisis on the transportation sector.
  • Mr. Ron Simons, FAA Regan National Air Traffic Control Tower Facility Manager discussed career opportunities with the Federal Aviation Administration.
  • USAF Capt. Justin Bender, Chief, Flight Safety, 1st Fighter Wing, Langley AFB, VA, spoke on aviation safety, aircraft accidents, and accident investigation.
  • USAF Capt. Miranda Hancock, Aviation Physiology Lab, Langley AFB, talked about the effects of flight on the human body and mind—altitude, fatigue, acceleration, noise, spatial disorientation and situational awareness.
  • Dr. Randall Davis, Senior Research Scientist, Adaptive Aerospace Group, presented structural modeling and flight simulation of a new supersonic transport aircraft.
  • Dr. Bill Sellers Senior Systems Analyst, NCI Inc, spoke on the NASA Langley Research Center’s Wake Vortex Research.
  • Ms. Melissa Mulholland, Operations Manager, Newport News/Williamsburg Int’l Airport discussed the airfield and business sides of airport operations.


  • Mr. Davis Host, President, James River Barge Line, Ltd. Impact of James River Barge Line, Lld on the Local Traffic.
  • Dr. Steven R. Sharp, Research Scientist, Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC), Charlottesville. Selected Applications of Corrosion & NDE Research at the VTRC.