Eastern Seaboard Transportation Center

ESITAC has conducted research on the Varina-Enon Bridge.

The Eastern Seaboard Transportation Center (ESITAC)

Hampton University was selected by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA), of the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT), to establish and operate a University Transportation Centers Program (Tier II UTC). The Eastern Seaboard Intermodal Transportation Applications Center (ESITAC) is located in the Hampton University, School of Business to serve the Hampton Roads, Virginia region. The ESITAC utilizes resources of the University in partnership with federal, state and city governments, local transit companies, private industry, and regional universities to conduct research on current transportation problems facing the Hampton Roads region. The center provides students (with special emphasis on minorities and women), the opportunity to pursue transportation-related careers. The Hampton Roads region is at the crossroads of dynamic air, rail, road, and water modes providing inter-modal transportation systems for passengers and freight. The recent growth in all these modes of transportation has added pressure on our highways and our environment, resulting in congestion and air pollution. The Center, housed within the Hampton University’s School of Business, addresses these challenges through a combination of research, education, and technology-transfer programs. The goal is to advance U. S. technology and expertise in transportation through-out the region to support safe, secure, efficient, and interconnected transportation systems. The theme of the Center is to enhance regional intermodal transportation systems by improving safety and efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.